Mango Shops is set to be Cambodia #1 Business Platform. Through the concept of creating Cambodia #1 Business Platform, we are expecting to grow SME in Cambodia and the passion to create thousand jobs and business opportunities for Cambodia.

For the last 5 years of M-commerce and E-commerce we see that the way of doing marketing has changed the ways of buying products. Because most people are connecting each other online so we open the opportunities for them to experience the amazing platform for shopping, learning and growing with the newest business concept.

We Mango Shops believe that with our trusted, convenience and transparent platform will enhance small businesses to experience growing their sales faster than before.

The individuals who profit offering on Mango Shops realize that one of the numerous things Mango Shops takes pride in is its well being and security highlights which shield its clients from fake exchanges and other security issues. Beside their mindful staff and client request focus that is most likely prepared to help at whatever point you are in need or simply have a couple inquiries in your mind – Mango Shops has uncommon elements that help you shop online without much stresses. So what are these elements that we talk about? All things considered, let us enlighten you regarding Mango Shops and their well being measures, here they are:

Who are we ?


Mr. Khemra Chan Nong
Founder & CEO

Mr. Pen Nak

Mr. Pen Nak
Business Development Manager


Mr. Sam Haider
Business Developer & Strategist Director

Mango Shops Security Center

o Your trusty Mango Shops police! In the event that there is anything about Mango Shops or anything in and has happened in Mango Shops – you know where to go! They have individuals prepared and dependably in a hurry to help you.

So there you have it, regardless of the issue – the request or whatever that pesters you in the domain of Mango Shops, everything is only a single tick away. With these components which guarantee you well being and security amid your stay – you truly can never turn out badly! So then, what are you sitting tight for? Make the most of your extraordinary, also sheltered, just shopping!

To your prosperity as you profit offering on Mango Shops!

2096771Mango Shops has been created by a Cambodian Business Expert on a mission.  His goal is to help create more successful people in Cambodia within the next 12 months.

Nong Chan Khemra is a passionate young Entrepreneur and Business man.  His mission is that Cambodian people can rise to the top in their industry.

Whether you’re just setting up a business, have already got an existing business, or already making a lot of money each year, Khemra’s goal is to take your business to the next level.  He wants you to succeed more than ever before.  And Khemra and his team will keep supporting you until you reach your success.

This is your chance to join Mango Shops!